Carpet Cleaning

The carpets in your business or home represent a significant investment for you. Protection of that investment and life extension of your carpet will be guaranteed if your carpets are professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

TrulyDry's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration uses a VLM (very low moisture) process which is far superior to alternative methods.

In some cases more regular cleaning may be necessary depending on the quantity of traffic into your house. TrulyDry Carpet Cleaning would be happy to advise you on this to help make your carpets last longer. Most people still believe the only way to clean their carpets and upholstery is to "soak" them with water and detergents. This method can actually force dirt deeper into your carpets and padding. When left behind, this water becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria in just hours!

Learn About HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System Benefits

Dry Cleaning Process

dry carpet cleaning process

Wet Cleaning Process

wet carpet cleaning process
Benefits to Your Home or Business

Ready for immediate use - No waiting for carpet to dry - No risk of mildew!
Non Toxic - Safe for Children & Pets.
Removes Dust Mites & other Allergens.
Carpet stays cleaner longer.
No sticky residues!
Immediately see results.
Benefits to the Environment

Click for links to environmental brochure or MSDS sheets.
Uses 97% less water than wet extraction.
Requires no special disposal.
Used Host sponges - can be composted.
All products are chemical free and biodegradable.
USDA Bio-based Certification.
Got Pets?

Extends the life of your carpet.
Pet hair and dander is hidden in your carpet.
Our system removes this hair and dander and we proudly show you after we pick it up.



Area Rugs

HOST® has been tested and meets the requirements for WoolSafe¬† accreditation. Advanced Formula HOST® Sponges Carpet is a soft, organic product that is environmentally friendly.
The HOST® Sponges Cleaner dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots and odors as it cleans, and is removed by vacuuming. Your carpet is clean, dry and ready to use and enjoy right away! Matted carpets are revived and once again become soft to the touch.